Carpet cleaning

Our cleaning company performs cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture for several years and has rich experience in this field. Using only the best of carpet cleaning equipment and quality professional cleaning machines (extractors) brand Santoemma and environmentally friendly and highly efficient German detergents. This allows us to guarantee top results of all our work, the proof is our reference.

Carpets cleaned by the extraction method, which involves injecting hot water and detergent into the carpet fibers and subsequent rapid extraction of most of the water and the dirt back into the tray inside the washing machine.

This method ensures maximum speed of drying carpets, because the surface is only slightly damp after cleaning. Another advantage is also the effect of the extraction  treatment for durability and service life of the carpet.

The extraction method is very effective and allows you to remove not only all visible stains, but mainly deep settled layers of dust mites and microbes whose presence in the carpet and upholstery is an unhealthy environment and promotes the development of allergies and asthma.

For heavy pollution such as from animal hair we additionally use rotating brush that can deal with any mechanical dirt very easily. Our carpet cleaning revive its color, prolong life, not only remove visible dirt, but also deeply embedded dust and significantly increase health of enviroment in the room.

If you are interested in extraction cleaning of carpet and upholstery, contact us via the order form and we will prepare a free offer.

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