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On this page you can find clearly arranged tables with prices and sizes of our most demanded products – that is planksraftersflitchsOSB desekboardsplaned wood,roof laths and other products.

If you are interested in a personal demand, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will willingly adjust the prices to your needs, it isn’t a problem to provide the material in nonstandard sizes and we will certainly be forthcoming to all cases where possible.

If for some reason you would feel insecure, some figure or size missing, or you couldn’t decide what is best for your purpose surely contact us with your question. Either by telephone a +420 312 240 360 or at our email

Prices listed do not include VAT.

In the charts below you can see a complete summary of the prices and sizes of products that is available for you. For planksOSB desksplaned woodflitchsconstruction lumber and roof laths the information provided is sufficient, for boards you can find more specific information – category of quality, type of tongue, thickness, width (both stated in mm) and length (stated in meters).

With any kind of questions contact us at the number +420 312 240 360 or via email at

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The company ELKOM P.P. s.r.o. Kladno tries to provide all construction material needed not only for building, but also for homes or general usage. So, we hope you will be satisfied with us and wish you many achievements with your plans!


DruhRozměrCena (Kč / m3)
Prkna (II.jakost)3,0m; 4,0m; 5,0m3 900,-
Prkna3,0m; 3,5m4 000,-
Prkna4,0m; 5,0m4 100,-
Prkna šírkově tříděná10cm; 12cm; 15cm; 20cm4 600,-
Dřevěné brikety10kg47,-

osb desks

DruhRozměrCena (Kč / m2)
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 12mm, 1250/2500mm107,-
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 15mm, 1250/2500 mm127,-
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 18mm, 1250/2500 mm156,-
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 22mm, 1250/2500 mm195,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 12mm, 675/2500 mm117,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 15mm, 675/2500 mm151,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 18mm, 675/2500 mm177,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 22mm, 675/2500 mm214,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 25mm, 675/2500 mm261,-
CETRIS deska – AKČNÍ CENA!!!tl.20mm, 1035/1125 mm215,-
CETRIS deskatl. 12mm, 1250/3350 mm220,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 12mm, 610/2440 mm133,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 15mm, 610/2440 mm157,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 18mm, 610/2440 mm190,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 22mm, 610/2440 mm228,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 25mm, 610/2440 mm261,-


DruhRozměrCena (Kč / bm)
KVH HRANOL40/60mm, 4m,5m27,20
KVH HRANOL40/80mm, 4m,5m36,20
KVH HRANOL40/100mm, 4m,5m45,20
KVH HRANOL40/120mm, 4m,5m54,20
KVH HRANOL40/140mm, 4m,5m63,-
KVH HRANOL60/60mm, 4m,5m40,60
KVH HRANOL60/80mm, 4m,5m54,20
KVH HRANOL60/100mm, 4m,5m67,80
KVH HRANOL60/120mm, 4m,5m81,40
KVH HRANOL60/140mm, 4m,5m95,-
KVH HRANOL60/200mm, 4m,5m135,60
KVH HRANOL80/80mm, 4m,5m72,50
KVH HRANOL80/100mm, 4m,5m90,40
KVH HRANOL80/120mm, 4m,5m108,50
KVH HRANOL80/140mm, 4m,5m126,60
KVH HRANOL80/160mm, 4m,5m,7m144,80
KVH HRANOL100/100mm, 4m,5m113,-
KVH HRANOL100/120mm, 4m,5m135,60
KVH HRANOL100/140mm, 4m,5m,7m158,20
KVH HRANOL100/160mm, 4m,5m,7m180,80
KVH HRANOL120/120mm, 4m,5m162,80
KVH HRANOL120/140mm, 4m,5m189,80
KVH HRANOL120/160mm, 4m,5m,7m217,-
KVH HRANOL120/200mm, 4m,5m,6m,7m271,20
KVH HRANOL140/140mm, 4m,5m,6m,7m221,50

planed boards

DruhRozměrCena (Kč / bm)
Hoblovaná prkna Smrk15/60/3800mm15,-
Hoblovaná prkna Smrk18/82/4000, 5000mm20,-
Hoblovaná prkna Smrk19/90/1830,3000,4000mm20,-
Hoblovaná prkna Smrk18/110/4000, 5000mm25,-
Hoblovaná prkna Smrk19/140/1830,3000,3660,4000mm32,-
Hoblovaná prkna Smrk18/180/5000mm42,-
Rýgle Smrk45/75/3000mm32,-
Hoblovaný hranol Smrk30/40/4000mm14,-
Hoblovaný hranol Smrk43/43/4000mm19,-
Hoblovaný hranol Smrk40/60/5000mm27,20
Hoblovaná fošna Smrk40/140/5000mm59,-
Hoblovaná fošna Smrk40/90/5000mm36,-
Hoblovaná fošna Smrk29/105/3000, 4000mm29,-
Hoblovaná fošna Smrk40/235/1830, 3660mm89,-
Hoblovaný hranol Smrk60/60/5000mm40,70
Hoblovaná fošna Smrk60/120/5000mm79,-
Hoblovaný hranol Modřín45/70/4000mm55,-


DruhRozměrCena (Kč / m3)
Fošny stavebnítl. 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, ceny od:4 800,-
Dřevěné brikety10kg47,-

construction lumber

DruhRozměrCena (Kč / m3)
Prkna (II.jakost)3,0m; 4,0m; 5,0m3 900,-
Prkna3,0 m; 3,5m4 000,-
Prkna4,0m; 5,0m4 100,-
Prkna šířkově tříděná10cm; 12cm; 15cm;20 cm4 600,-
Fošny stavebnítl. 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, ceny od:4 800,-
Hranoly stavební8/8 cm, 8/10 cm, 10/10 cm5 400,-
Hranoly stavební8/12 cm, 10/12 cm, 12/12 cm5 400,-
Hranoly na krovy10/14 cm,15/15 cm5 600,-
Hranoly na krovy8/16 cm, 10/16 cm, 12/16 cm5 600,-
Řezivo řezané na míruod 5990,- do 6800,-Kč/m36 300,-
Dřevěné brikety10kg47,-

roof laths

DruhRozměrCena (Kč / bm)
Střešní latě5/3 cm8,50
Střešní latě6/4 cm13,-
Střešní latě5/3 cm – impregnované10,-
Střešní latě5/4 cm11,-
Střešní latě6/4 cm – impregnované14,50
Dřevosanochrana dřeva, balení 1l,5l, Kč/litr125,-

planking boards

DruhKvalitaTyp peraTloušťka (mm)Šířka (mm)Délka (m)Cena (Kč / m2)
SmrkABKrátké12,5963m, 4m155,-
SmrkABDlouhé ( soft )141214.2m, 5.1m170,-
Modřín AKCE!!!A/Btatran191464m, 5m340,-
ModřínABKrátké19963m, 4m329,-
Modřín RHOMBUSABRhombus19964m329,-
SmrkABKrátké191214m, 5.1m cena od195,-
SmrkABKrátké191464,2m, 5,1m205,-
Srubovky, smrkABSrubovky211204,2m, 5,1m225,-
Srubovky, boroviceABSrubovky271864m340,-
Borovice 4PD AKCE!!!BKrátké151212m175,-
Příchytky k palubkám    100ks/balení45,-

floor boards

DruhKvalitaTloušťka (mm)Šířka (mm)Délka (m)Cena (Kč / m2)
SmrkAB191214m, 5m219,-
SmrkAB281464m, 5m315,-
BoroviceAB281464m, 5m325,-
ModřínAB241464m, 5m490,-
Borovice 4PDB151212m175,-

terrace boards

DruhKvalitaTloušťka (mm)Šířka (mm)Délka (m)Cena (Kč / bm)
palubky prkna drevo kladno

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