Cleaning of upholstered sofas

What can be cleaned by an extraction method?

Generally, the sooner all the contamination is cleaned the better, with professional help of course. Cleaning of upholstered sofas is not the exception against this rule. It should be remembered that some stains will never be cleaned completely, if left unnoticed for too long.
As for the extraction cleaning ability, with regard to the foregoing general rule extraction cleaning can clean almost anything: food stains or wine, ink, gum and other visible contamination. But the important thing is that extraction cleaning rids your sofa of invisible contamination of mites, allergens and various dangerous microbes as well as deep accumulations of dust. The result will therefore be good smelling wholesome and visibly clean seat.

Extraction cleaning, modern method, which is widely used for carpet cleaning or cleaning of  mattress is applicable to most textile materials, so it fits well as mechanical cleaning of upholstered sofas and chairs. It’s not suitable only for cleaning sofas made of leather or with teflon coating, as extraction cleaning is a deep cleaning, which is incompatible with nonpermable materials. Our expert in any case before the commencement of work will assess whether the surface of your sofa is suitable for use of the extraction method, to avoid any security risks.

Extraction cleaning upholstered sofas is provide not only to remove all visible stains, but also deeply emmbeded dust, germs and dust mites, whose presence in the upholstery does not benefit the health in the room. Extraction upholstery cleaning is therefore recommended to be performed at least twice a year to ensure a healthy environment.

How long is the upholstery drying?

Compared with other methods of cleaning upholstery, extraction method is characterized by very short drying time. This is guaranteed by the fact that most of the water used for cleaning is sucked back immediately after cleaning of the material back into the washing machine (extractor), so that the surface will be only slightly damp after celaning.
Drying time is dependent on many external factors, in particular the room temperature and the supply of fresh air. Average speaking, the drying time after extraction cleaning is between two to four hours, which is compared with other methods of very good performance.
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