Chair cleaning

What pollution is advisable to clean the extraction method?

Extraction method of cleaning the chairs is particularly suitable if there were  cushions and covers soiled with organic materials, ie usually food or drink. We are able to clean such spots with  extraction cleaning method  generally without a trace. Generally two main principles apply, namely that it is important to clean the furniture as soon as possible and that it usually doesn’t help, when you try to first clean the stain yourself, without professional machinery.

How long coat dries?

Like with the carpet cleaning, the speed of cleaned chairs drying time depends mainly on airflow in the room and ambient room temperature . Extraction method of cleaning is characterized in that the water is immediately sucked back after treatment of the material, so moisture immediately after cleaning is relatively low compared with other methods. Typically, the time of perfect surface drying after cleaning is between two and four hours.

Highly efficient and mechanically applied extraction method is suitable not only for carpet cleaning, but also for cleaning of chairs and most of the upholstery materials in addition to eg. leather upholstery. Our employee, who will provide the cleaning first assess the extent to which the coating material is suitable for cleaning with extraction method, and then to go to work to prevent any damage to the cleaned chairs. With us you will always clean chairs successfully and without errors.

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