Can the work be ordered for evening hours?

No problem, we all cleaning work is carried out in the evening . Additional costs associated with work in the evening and night hours , see our pricelist.

Do you provide cleaning services also outside Prague?

Yes , no problem , we can perform all cleaning services also outside Prague. The cost of transport to distant sites , see our pricelist.

Who decides when the work will be carried out?

For each order , to the maximum extent possible, we try to adapt the timing requirements of the customer. No need to worry that you would have any time limit in order to finish cleaning.

Should I expect additional charges for transport and cleaning?

No, transport and cleaning agents will be included in the price calculation , you can prepare for you for free . Just simply contact us with your order or inquiry.

What is the extraction carpet cleaning and upholstery?

It is an advanced method for cleaning carpets, where the hot water together with the cleaning agent is injected under great pressure, special cleaning machine into a surface to be cleaned and then is immediately dirt is sucked into the machine . This is a very effective method , which ensures long-term effect , a very short drying time and, ultimately extending the life of the carpet.

You care for ecology in your work?

Of course , I use an extraction method of cleaning is a step towards the environment by saving water. In addition, we use only quality certified environmentally safe cleaners and last but not least, it is also important that the extraction method of cleaning prolongs the life of the carpet , so it needs to be replaced soon.

Is payment done by cash or transfer?

Even when it comes to paying customers we use their maximum extent to meet . Our clients can choose whether they prefer to pay by transfer or in cash. In both cases, of course, receive an invoice.

Do you provide carpet cleaning on weekends?

Yes, all cleaning services can also be performed during weekends or public holidays . Any fees associated with work on weekends can be found in our price list.

How long after cleaning the carpet dries up?

Carpet is completely dry for 2-24 hours, depending on the depth of cleaning that is chosen depending on how dirty carpets. Other important factors are room temperature and its ventilated. Generally, however, after drying the carpet extraction cleaning very short in comparison with other methods.

Can you handle the cleaning of Persian carpets?

We clean also Persian carpets , but due to the complicated technological process is to be expected with the higher cost of cleaning. If you are interested in these type of task , please contact us by phone or e -mail and we will prepare a free price quote.

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