Mattresses cleaning

What can the extraction method clean?

Generally, any pollution to clean the better, the sooner after soiling with professional cleaning done . Mattress cleaning is then compared with the exception of this rule . Instead, it should be remembered that some stains will never not be cleaned completely , leave if unnoticed for too long.

Regarding the extraction cleaning ability , with regard to the foregoing general rule extraction cleaning can clean almost anything: food stains , body products and any other visible blemishes. Equally important , however, is that extraction cleaning your bed mattress rid of the invisible danger of dust mites , allergens and various dangerous microbes like dust , which is essential to healthy sleep.

Modern extraction cleaning method widely used for cleaning carpets , is also suitable for cleaning other textile surfaces , for example for cleaning mattresses. Given that we spend in bed a quarter to a third of all your time is very important that this place was harmless .

Extraction cleaning your mattress rid of dust mites and other allergens deep settled dust and the musty smell , thus ensuring an undisturbed and mostly healthy sleep . Extraction can be cleaned with most natural and synthetic materials, mattresses and it is recommended to perform the extraction cleaning at least twice a year. Mattress cleaning is an act that should definitely not be underestimated.

How long does mattress dry?

The period during which the mattresses dry after extraction cleaning is largely dependent on the specifics of the room. This is especially the ambient air temperature and fresh air . Generally, however, the extraction method gives a very short drying time in comparison with other methods , given that the vast majority of the water used to clean immediately after application of the material is aspirated again , so that the resulting moisture after cleaning the mattress is relatively low.

On average drying time of mattresses vary from two to four hours, which is usually less than expected by our clients . I therefore use the method of extraction cleaning . If our offer extraction clean mattress , do not hesitate to contact us with your order or any questions.

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